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Retouching-photo and Illustration

I don't use the term PHOTO-RETOUCH too often. This is because I believe my methods utilize more illustration than  traditional photo-retouching. What that means for you is that when your megastar diva spokeswoman refuses to retake her photo because she has better things to do, even though her hair is covering most of her face, I can re-illustrate her face back in. (A real example, call me and I'll tell you who it was.) And when you use a stock photo, but it is just not right, I can turn it into what ever you need, from RedHot sauce dripping off a model's chin, to having Beyoncé throwing a roundhouse kick in a sexy gi. Or perhaps you want the impossible image, like a photo of a stadium showing a giant wave surfing championship. And yes, I do traditional retouching as well! Thanks for checking out some of my before and afters.

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